Thursday, June 18, 2009


i was heard this story since 1999 when i was 9years mum told me the story and the story is about the vampire.the story begin.."Why, no. I don't think he does," Francis said. "At least I never saw a little girl."As he completed the sentence, he saw the vampire's eyes change. Gone was any fog, but so too had the compassion disappeared. In its place was rage."You will give me the message," the vampire demanded."I... I don't have it anymore," he said.The vampire strode toward Francis, lifting him up by his shirt and taking him across the room to a wall. "You will give me the message!"Francis, horrified and frightened, looked the vampire in the face and said, "I can't. I... don't have it." But while looking at him, Francis saw that the rage was driven by something deeper. He stuttered out, "You... you are Sabastian.""Yes I am. Now tell me the message before I am forced to do something we will both regret.""It is a letter," Francis said. "I... I can't give it to you because it was taken away from me by the one they call Vein. I tried to stop him from getting it, but he knocked me out or something. He searched my body and took it. I had it taped to my lower back."Sabastian placed him on the ground and stepped back. He strode out of the room, grabbing the first vampire he found by the neck and lifting her to his face. "Where is Vein?" he asked."I don't know," she said, just before he ripped her head from her body, causing panic in those who saw it. They all ran from Sabastian, who followed them into the living room.Three vampires came running at him at once, but he waved his arm, sending them flying against the far wall. He screamed for Vein, drowning out the screaming from the frightened and angered vampires running around the apartment.Quickly Vein and Elizabeth came running out to the living room. Before he could do or say anything, Sabastain had Vein by the neck lifted high above the floor. "Where is the letter?" he demanded."Your sire has it!" he yelled, trying to struggle free. Sabastian threw him across the room like a rag doll before turning to Elizabeth and saying, "Where is the letter?""Sabastian, calm down," she said.As she completed the sentence, he lunged at her, grabbing her shirt and slammed her through a wall. Elizabeth screamed in pain, but it had no effect on Sabastian, who simply demanded the letter again."I will get it," she said. "I will get it."He put her down and she limped off to another room, bringing back the letter and handing to him.He opened it and read. Sabastian looked at the wall in front of him, saying nothing for quite some time. "I must find Susan," Sabastian said. As he stepped out of the room, Elizabeth followed and watched as Sabastian walked out of the house. "Sabastian," she screamed to no avail. "I must go after him," she said, walking toward the door.Vein grabbed her arm, saying, "You can't. You must meet with the other clans. If you are not here the Tribunal will never be reestablished."She looked at him, knowing he was correct, but said, "I can't let him go alone. He's in no state for that. He needs to be protected.""Others might need protection from him, but I doubt he needs protection. You must stay and save the city from your sire."Elizabeth looked at Vein, then at the door. "You don't understand, I can't leave him out there alone.""Then I will send someone to follow him.""That won't do," she said angrily."Then I will go," Vein said hastily.Elizabeth turned to Vein and took his face in her hands. Holding his head with an almost loving cradle, she said, "I will destroy you if you let any harm come to Sabastian."Her tone was so intense, that Vein simply said, "I understand," and stepped back from her. He looked deep into her eyes and realized that he had pledged his life in exchange for the Tribunal's survival. He ran out after Sabastian.

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